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Brickleys Property Solution, a property management company in Colorado Springs, is striving to bring innovative ideas into the world of property management and adapt solutions to the ever changing 21st century. We want to foster the belief that when everyone is taken care of we are all successful. With Brickleys everyone benefits and everyone is just as important, tenants, property managers, and owners; it’s a team effort. With the changes that have taken place in the real estate industry since 2008, it’s been a focus of Brickleys to account for these changes and adapt. There are several reasons why Brickleys is the right choice for property management, but here are just a few to demonstrate their ability to please all facets of the property management market.

At Brickleys quality is more of our focus than quantity. Many other property management companies offer reassurance in that they have such a large staff, however we believe this doesn’t always mean the best quality service for all parties involved. Ensuring that each office location takes care of their range of customers efficiently and effectively is the main priority. It’s very important to us at Brickleys that our customers don’t become just a number, and that they feel that individual care and attention.

With adapting to the 21st century and post 2008 recession, technology and efficiency place a larger role than they ever have. Brickleys wants to ensure that the we are getting the job done efficiently to serve our customers the best we can, the technology we have access to today makes this much easier. Things that are online and mobile friendly like, tenant applications, contract signing, and maintenance can all be done much faster with the technology and tools it Brickleys uses. Unfortunately, many other companies don’t share this same vision and stick to their old ways and old methods of property management. This is yet another aspect where Brickleys shines over its competition.

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